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Team Free Will Fan Mix

I don’t know if this counts for any of the categories but I figured I would share.  

Team Free Will Fan Mix

I don’t know if this counts for any of the categories but I figured I would share.  

And you are not alone in this As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand -'Timshel' Mumford and Sons

And you are not alone in this As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand -'Timshel' Mumford and Sons


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Dean tilts the camera down, recording himself as he strokes his cock a few times. A particularly loud “fuck” from Sam draws his attention, and the camera, back to the bed. They’re at the foot of it now, Sam damn close to fucking Cas right off with each of his hard thrusts. Dean moves behind them when Sam leans over to kiss Cas. Getting a great angle of Cas stuffed full of Sam’s dick.

“Get him wetter for me, Dean.” Sam says turning his head to look around. “Shove his alpha’s cock in his mouth, so his tight little hole gets nice and sloppy for me.”

Dean pats himself on the back for Sam’s dirty-talk, he’s taught him well, and walks over to Cas’s turned head. Cas looks up at him from the corner of his eyes, licks his lips and opens his mouth, tongue sticking out. How can Dean resist? He quickly zooms in on Cas’s mouth and slowly pushes his cock in. Cas closes his eyes and moans around Dean, sucking gently as Dean makes his way to the back of his throat.

“Thataboy, Cas.” Sam runs his thumb across Cas’s bottom lip, fingertips teasing at Dean’s balls. “Nothing like your mate’s fat cock in your mouth to make you wet all over again, huh?”



warnings: marking, claiming?

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Drawn to accompany the wincestiel fic “Marked”



I was following the Wincesteial 2013 tag this week and was sad to see there wasn’t much of anything posted. :( So I wrote a little something and I don’t know, maybe it’ll bring a smile to somebody’s face.

Set after the events of Season 8, so we have Human!Cas.

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Well it’s wincestielweek…

Dean and Castiel sat in the motel sofa with a big red blanket around each other. Sam stood by the stove making popcorn. Last night was rough. They’ve taken down a big vamp nest and now that Castiel wasn’t an angel anymore it was tougher.

Dean rested his head against his ex-angels shoulder feeling the warmth from the human body. Sam walked over to the sofa with a big bowl of warm and salty popcorn and sat down beside Castiel, handing over the bowl. They ate the delicious snack as they watched a bad horror movie about giant spiders. Sam put his arm around Castiel and reached Deans head playing with his short hair. It wad pretty obvious that they all were extremely bored, but still it was pretty nice to relax.

Dean ankled his head so he was brushing Castiel’s neck lightly with his lips. He shivered by Dean’s gentle touch. Sam laid his free hand on Castiel’s thigh, making small movements with his finger tips. The ex-angel turned his head too Sam and they both leaned forward until their lips touched. Gently they stroke their tongues against each other and Castiel moaned lightly into Sam’s mouth. Dean had started to kiss Castiel’s neck and nipping at his skin.

“Cas” Dean mumbled against the ex-angels skin. Castiel let go of Sam’s salty mouth, who had a light taste of popcorn, and leaned back in the couch. Sam started kissing Castiel’s jaw instead and Dean had put one had on Castiel’s chest starting to open the buttons of his shirt.

Castiel breathed heavily and put one hand in Sams hair and the other one to help Dean to open up his shirt. When it was open Dean dragged himself back looking down on both of the men. He put an arm around Castiel’s waist. “Turn” he murmured. Sam let go of Castiel and laid down in the sofa, resting his head on the armrest and spreading his leg a little. Dean turned Castiel and laid him down on Sam, the back against Sam’s stomach and the head resting on his chest. Dean laid down on top of Castiel wrapping his arms around him and under the opened up shirt, giving him light kisses. Sam wrapped his arms around them both leaving one hand to rest against Dean’s neck and the other on his back and buried his face in Castiels hair, breathing in his scent.

“I love you, guys” Sam said before falling asleep. It wasn’t long before the other two fell asleep too. All three devastated and curled up in each others arms.



Title: The Next Ten Days

Author: OpheliacAngel

Pairings & Characters: Sam/Dean/Cas

Genre: Romance/Family/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: Teen

Summary: Pushed to their breaking points, or whatever they call it these days, Sam, Dean and Cas move in together to try to create some semblance of peace and home between the three of them. Domestic AU. Human!Cas.

A/N: This was written for #wincestielweek13 on tumblr; there currently seems to not be enough love for this fantastic ship. 

Day One ~ Imagine

Nothing had ever felt more real as he held the key in his hand, a sole object, brushing the smooth, metal surface with his thumb until Dean snatched it away and reality had settled in permanently around him.

He never figured Cas would be good at this kind of stuff; he’s only been human for seven months and already he’s adjusted, or as adjusted as he’s ever gonna get cause let’s face it, there’s just some things about that used to be angel that are never gonna change, that should never be changed. A million and one reasons why Sam Winchester loves Castiel exactly the way he is, and he was only stupid enough for a second to imagine falling might change Cas in ways he wouldn’t like.

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